Are you ready to live out your haunted house fantasies? If so, the new trend of buying properties with a spooky reputation might be just right for you. And we have a collection of spooky haunted houses for sale in 2023.

As housing prices continue to increase in more traditional markets, many buyers are turning their attention towards potentially haunted properties. Whether they’re ghostly cottage retreats in remote countryside locations or eerie old manors atop hilltops, these homes can provide a unique and exciting living experience.

With this post, we’ll take an inside look at some of the most promising entries into this growing market segment in 2023. Read on to find your perfect haunted house!

Haunted Houses for Sale 2023

UK, Inverness-shire “Home of the Loch Ness Monster”: £289,950

If you want a chance to get a view of the Loch Ness monster, this is the home you need to purchase. Located in St Benedict’s Abbey on the shores of Loch Ness, this apartment is right next to the home of the famed cryptid, the Loch Ness monster. While you don’t gain ownership of the entire castle, the two-bedroom apartment you get for this price is something that’s pretty hard to beat.

National Library of Australia Commons, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons

The Loch Ness monster is a pretty large marine creature, so you’ll want to have all your gear ready if you’re lucky enough to see it. While a solid sighting hasn’t been documented, this monster is still an extreme pull for Scotland as they have experienced close to $80 million added to its economy thanks to it.

Marmaduke Arundel “Duke” Wetherell, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to test your bravery, you can explore the area by canoe or boat. This is obviously a home for the daring, and you might even be the first person to capture a clear picture of Nessie.

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UK, Edinburgh, Old Town, 400-year-old streets riddled with supernatural sightings: From £290,000

When an apartment is located in an area where paranormal sightings are constantly reported, the right thing to do is turn away and look elsewhere. However, this place is for the daring. The area is located close to Mary King’s Close, where there are subterranean passageways and streets dating back some 400 years where supernatural sightings are common.

steflas, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

At the castle, there are rumors of drum sounds and mysterious knocks. Strange, shadowy figures have been seen roaming about, and people walking the streets have reported feeling a sudden sense of despair or dread.

Beyond the ghosts you’re likely to encounter, Scottish faeries are also rumored to hang around this area. With a strong history dating back to the burning of witches and warlocks, there are many mystical entities that you might find with a scary or funny story to tell about the encounter.

Paul Hudson from United Kingdom, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Old Town was also the host of a black market for corpses in the 1800s, and a few serial killers like William Hare and William Burke called it home. This place is probably one of the darkest locations you can willingly choose to live in.

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USA, Wisconsin, Haunted Hotel: $279,900

Located in the small town of Humbird in Wisconsin, the Humbird Hotel is modestly priced for a place that houses six hotel rooms and residential space. It’s also stood the test of time by remaining a popular spot for locals, even close to two centuries since its establishment in 1869.

There’s a bar and grill included with this space, so you can enjoy some rare info from locals if you’re willing to explore the paranormal on your own.

Be warned, though; current owners have felt the presence of strange entities in the building. It even caught the attention of The Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota, who visited it with tracking equipment in a bid to see what otherworldly encounters they could find.

Jeff the quiet, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The bar owners have reported an incident where they saw a hanging light move on its own. Someone stood up to adjust it, and they could feel a force pulling away. The person decided not to mess with it anymore, and the light continued to spin unprompted.

This haunted hotel is home to dozens of stories that are chilling to think about. From child entities to phantom nurses, there’s some real material for any horror lovers looking to experience the other side.

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USA, Texas, Haunted House with secret rooms: $125,000

A Haunted House that already has the scares prepared for you? This Texas haunted house is the perfect place for thrill seekers that can’t be bothered with clue-hunting and mystery-solving. Here, you get the creeps from the moment you walk through the door.

Built in 1952, this home is now an established haunted house for guests to explore. So you can enjoy the privileges of running a scary show according to your own special preferences. There are a few things to get you started, including outdoor portable bathrooms and a few outbuildings for your cast and crew to live in.

The secret rooms are a cherry on top. There’s one located behind a fake fireplace in the living room. The other one is part of a coffin—yes, you read that right! —and it leads to some extra storage rooms. The location also comes with an abandoned school bus!

USA, New York, The Ghost of John T. “Legs” Diamond: $349,999

Located in Hudson Valley, this haunted house is rumored to be haunted by a crowd of nine ghosts in total, and there’s one extra special ghost you’ll need to watch out for. The ghost of Jack T. “Legs” Diamond.

This spooky place has been home to the same family for six generations, so they’ve taken extra care in maintaining core aspects of its design. This includes Florentine doors, hardwood floors, and a host of details to preserve that authentic 1920s look.

Now, who exactly is “Legs,” and should you watch out for him? According to many NY historical records, Legs Diamond was a notorious bootlegger and gangster known for a lavish lifestyle that took him through New York’s upper class. Unfortunately, he met his end in 1931 after being gunned down. Like many gangsters of that era, Legs lived a fast life, but it’s still a mystery that he chose this specific house to haunt.

You can actually give yourself a chance to encounter him by checking out the short-term rental for the property on Airbnb, and the host offers a Ghost Tour that will set you back $125 per person.

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USA, Rhode Island, The Ghost of George C. Mason: $4,500,000

This beautiful Victorian bed-and-breakfast is a charming place to visit, but for the people that have lived on it full-time, there have been some otherworldly sightings on the property. For one, the ghost of George C. Mason, who was the architect of this house, has been sighted coming home from work. This would be perfectly fine if he didn’t die all the way back in 1894!

George C. Mason seems like he led a pretty straight and narrow lifestyle, so his ghost won’t be too much of a bother compared to some of the despicable entities that live in houses on this list.

There are a few other guest ghost appearances that will excite you if you’re willing to dive in. Reports of a lady in Victorian attire descending the stairs have been recorded. There’s also a ghost woman with a baby in a nursery, sitting in a classic Edwardian chair.

We are sure there’s a lot more to see in this unique house that spans 5,838 square feet. It has a total of 11 suites, and you can keep the bed-and-breakfast running to have a few living guests around once in a while.

USA, Mississippi, The Priestley Home: $999,999

The Priestley Home is a popular location in Mississippi, and it’s in no small part, thanks to the classy design. The home spans 5,252 square feet, and it has received some amazing renovations over the years.

The dated history of this home is also quite rich as it was built in 1852 by Dr. James Priestley, who lived here with his wife for the rest of his days. However, it seems like the ghosts of the Priestleys still hang around the house.

Regardless, the haunting history of this building hasn’t stopped the homeowners from remodeling it over the years. The house comes with four bedrooms, a library, a formal dining room, a parlor, office space, a music room, and even a sleeping porch.

Now, the ghosts are a lot more active than you’ll find in a lot of haunted houses. In 2002, its owners reportedly saw a ghostly woman appear. The piano also happened to play on its own at a certain point. There have even been events where candles fell from their holders. The room where Mrs. Priestley died is seen as a “hot spot” for the paranormal.