Haunted houses are always on the wishlist for extraordinary people. Just think of how amazing it would be if you had a ghost as your roommate?! Many houses are full of paranormal and creepy activities that have a great demand in the market.

According to a 2017 survey, almost 33% of people would love to buy a haunted house. If you’re one of that 33%, then here is a list of haunted houses for sale in 2021.


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USA, New York “The Dakota House “: $5 million


History & Location

The late-nineteenth-century building is one of Manhattan’s generally baffling and selective homes. Accounts of sightings have been frequently reported from the guests and residents of the house for quite a long time. It’s a stunning two-bedroom apartment in the Dakota building for sale costing $5m.

The Dakota House

Some Bizarre Facts

A famous ghost of this building is John Lennon, who Yoko Ono saw sat at his white piano. The building itself has a unique design with hidden passageways. Children have also been heard weeping and laughing within the building.


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Michael Faraday’s former home, London, UK: £1.9 million ($2.6m)


History & Location

This picturesque home belonged to the English scientist Michael Faraday. It is located on the other side of the renowned Hampton Court Palace in London. The house was constructed in the 18th century and consists of five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and three reception rooms.

You would need a cool £1.9 million ($2.6m) in hand to purchase this historical treasury. The red brick residence covers 3,133 square feet with beautiful wooden stairs.

Farraday home London

Some Bizarre Facts

The Grade II house of historical significance is linked to two misfortunate wives of the notorious King Henry VIII. Both Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard are said to haunt this house.



Historic Pensacola home, Florida, USA: £539,000 ($750k)


History & Location

It’s a luxurious apartment, and a fantastic real estate opportunity with all the facilities. It is constructed on 2,900 feet, with an apartment on the top floor. The name Fred is given to the ghost of this apartment. It is thought Fred was the name of the previous owner Homas Finch, who died in 1908 during the pandemic of influenza.

This historic home offers six bedrooms and four bathrooms, and plenty of living areas. All the rooms are beautifully decorated with timber and the floors are wooden.

Historic Pensacola home, Florida

Some Bizarre Facts

Much supernatural and creepy activity has been linked to this house. There have been reports of a shadowy figure lurking on the way to the door. The current owner of the building, Gene Church, has also said that her wife heard screaming voices at nighttime. So don’t miss out, it’s on the market with RE/MAX for just £539,000 ($750k)!


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Silence of the Lambs House, Pennsylvania, USA: $219,500


History & Location

The Buffalo Bill home is situated at 8 Circle St. in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, it was featured in the 1991 thriller ‘The Silence of the Lambs. House of creepy activities is for sale just for $219,500.

Silence of the lambs house

realtor.com; Orion Pictures

Some Bizarre Facts

The Silence of The Lamb movie was filmed here, with this being the home of the infamous serial killer – Buffalo Bill. Howver, the film was not completely shot there due to reports of rampant paranormal activities.


Silence of the Lambs – Buffalo Bill’s House

Lefferts-Laidlaw House, New York, USA: £2.3 million ($3.4m)


History & Location

This beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood house was constructed in 1836. It’s a Greek revival building and is among the few still existing. This house is currently for sale with Compass for £2.3 million ($3.4m).

Lefferts-Laidlaw House, New York

Some Bizarre Facts

The New York Times article, from 1878, quoted that Union Army Officer Edward F. Smith and his family experienced paranormal activities in the home. That included hearing the doorbell ring with nobody there, a block slamming through the entryway and the two back entryways of the house being “kicked and shook and banged with incredible thoroughness”.



Villa Fortuna, North Carolina, USA: $200,000


History & Location

An amazing red brick building, known as Villa Fortuna, and supposedly a haunted house. It was built in 1888 by William G. Jennings who was a brick manufacturer. “The Jennings-Baker House” of 608 Vance Street, North Caroline is a stylish expression of Victorian tastes, and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Jennings-Baker House

Some Bizarre Facts

This is a house full of paranormal activity. Strange shadowy figures have been seen in the house, and phantom smells such as cigar smoke, has been reported from within the property.

Earlshall Castle, Fife, Scotland: POA


History & Location

Earlshall Castle in the Fife region of Scotland is a creepy historic building constructed in 1546 on approximately 53 acres of land. Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland’s relative “Earls of Fife” is the reason behind the name of this property. The property boasts 10 bedrooms, 8 reception rooms and 6 bathrooms. All this and extensive outbuildings, additional cottages, and even a topiary hedge garden!

Earlshall Castle Scotland

Earlshall Castle via Savills

Some Bizarre Facts

An apparition of a figure is regularly found in the room earlier linked to Andrew Bruce. Footsteps can frequently be heard on the stairs, and there are also reports of a ghost of a servant girl who resides in the castle.



Amityville Horror House, New York, USA: $605,000


History & Location

On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot, and killed, six individuals from his family at 112 Ocean Avenue. This was a rural neighborhood in Amityville, on the south shore of Long Island, New York.

The house has continued to be of historical importance owing to it’s to fame following the production of a movie from the tragic events that took place there. Now listed as 108 Ocean Avenue, Amityville House is for sale for $605,000.

Amityville Horror House

Some Bizarre Facts

Kathleen and George Lutz, their 3 children and pet dog, all moved into the Amityville home the year after the murders took place. However, they moved out of the house never to return after only 28 days due to ongoing paranormal activity. It was the reports of this activity that later got made into a book, then a hit movie in 1979.